Tired of soulless in clothing alternatives; We came together with a thought that we were terribly overwhelmed by wearing duplicate clothes and styles that could not digest differences, and we started to work for designs with a soul. We wanted a piece of art and a story in our designs to make a difference for humanity. Our greatest desire is to meet people who feel and think like us and make them a part of this story.


SOL ,the moon god, and MANI, the sun goddess of the North, were two brothers who were not yet aware of their powers when the universe was created. Then, when the gods gave them the responsibility to carry the Moon and the Sun, the perfect balance in the universe was established. We are looking for this perfect harmony in our own universe in Sol'n Mani creations. The harmony of the eye-catching and the plain, the one that appeals to every taste and the most special feelings, the epic and the lyric. You will find a piece of their soul in our products bearing the names of Sol and Mani.


We design clothes with a piece of art, a story, a bit of philosophy and the combination of opposites creates the perfect. In order to emphasize the splendor of difference, we use fabric qualities that no one else dares to use. We have built our creations on all the world's cultures, ethnic values and the most distant beliefs. Except for the impositions of those who are intolerant of differences, every being that came together and created this universe is our source of inspiration. If you still cannot find what you are looking for in our creation, contact us and let's create better together.


In Sol’s Mani, we define quality in a much broader area than product quality. First of all, we provide our materials from companies that understand and share our values. We use first class fabrics processed with nature-friendly materials. We meet the social rights of every employee in our organization. For a sustainable ecosystem, we are trying to obtain the most products with the least consumption with the R&D process. However, if there is something about your Sol’s Mani product that you do not feel comfortable with, you can contact us immediately.


4th Partner

We have made 4 foundations working for women's rights, health, education and animal rights as our partners to contribute to the world, but we do not know which one because you will decide it. Every time you shop, you will choose the foundation that will be our special partner for that shopping, and we will donate to that foundation. We hope that this partnership will increase in our dreams of a better world ...